Winter Flavours

Blood Orange Cardamom

Crawl out of your pile of blankets, sweaters and Kleenex and rejoice in the joys of citrus!  Yes I know its winter.. its cold, and it sucks.  But at least its blood orange season and, hey! they’ve got Vitamin C!  So feel good (ish?) about drowning your longing for warmer times in a cocktail or two.


moro blood oranges, turbinado sugar, white wine vinegar, water, green cardamom pods

Coconut Mango

Mangoes and Coconuts… to us the most symbolic fruit of the tropics. We created this Shrub during the depths of the January “blahs” where everyone else except us was going to Mexico except us. Grrrr! And if you are feeling the post-holiday diet guilt, feel assured! There is tons of coconut water in here, which is healthy, right?


mango, coconut water (coconut, water, natural flavour), organic cane sugar, white wine vinegar, dried coconut (coconut, sulphites)


Sour citrus, pomegranate and chili; Sangrita translated from Spanish means “little blood”. This spicy full bodied Shrub was inspired by the drink that originated in the 1920’s in Jalisco, Mexico. Its traditionally sipped intermittently with tequila blanco, the REAL way to drink tequila, not like us barbarians in the north.


navel oranges, pomegranate juice, organic raw apple cider vinegar, rio red grapefuits, lemons, turbinado sugar, water, arbol chili, guajillo chili, pasilla chili