Summer Flavours

Blueberry Earl Grey

While the argument over weather its correct to put milk or lemon in Earl Grey tea carries on, we say BLUEBERRIES!  The citrus notes of bergamot invigorate the blueberries in this tasty Shrub that even Earl Charles Grey the 2nd would likely approve of.


blueberries, organic cane sugar, earl grey tea (water, earl grey tea leaves), organic raw apple cider vinegar

Sour Cherry Cacao

We racked our brains and couldn’t think of anything that goes better with cherries than chocolate. Discovering that raw cacao nibs can be roasted, ground, and steeped (just like coffee beans!), we discovered an incredibly tasty concoction that we are pretty darn proud of!


sour cherries, organic cane sugar, cacao tea (water, roasted organic cacao nibs), organic raw apple cider vinegar

Peach Cardamom

Sweet, juicy peaches, pair with citrus spice of cardamom and woodsy taste of vanilla to produce, what one of our customers calls, “sunshine in a bottle”. We couldn’t agree more!


peaches, organic cane sugar, white wine vinegar, green cardamom pods, vanilla

Blackberry Lime

Nothing says summer like picking those juicy purpley-black berries of pain. We like to think of our scratched and bleeding arms as a sacrifice to the Blackberry Gods. In this Shrub we have added red balsamic vinegar to compliment the deep richness of the blackberries, while the zestiness of the lime gives some lightness to balance it out.


blackberries, organic cane sugar, limes, organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic red balsamic vinegar

Raspberry Rosemary Black Currant

Inspired by the fact that black currants are incredibly hard to come by, and thus very precious, we decided to utilize both the fruit and leaves and mix with tart, sumptuous raspberries in this beautifully coloured Shrub.    Both are incredibly high in vitamin C and antioxidants, so you can feel good about drinking your summer cocktail!


raspberries, black current leaf tea (water, black current leaves), organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, black currents, rosemary