Spring Flavours

Rhubarb Ginger

Spring is an exciting time, as plants slowly emerge from the ground and the world starts to turn green again. Rhubarb is usually the 1st fruit we get to harvest, and we love the tart, distinctive flavour. We’ve added spicy ginger to the equation, creating a combination that is sure to wake up and refresh your taste buds.


rhubarb, turbinado sugar, white wine vinegar, ginger

Strawberry Basil Pink Peppercorn

This may be the Shrub that made us famous! Kidding… we are not that well known, but those who know us love this flavour. The sweetness of the strawberry, savory of the basil, and mild spice of the peppercorn makes this a killer combo that even the most discerning palate can appreciate.


strawberries, organic cane sugar, pink peppercorn tea (water, pink peppercorns), white wine vinegar, basil