Fall Flavours

Pear Thyme

I know we are not supposed to play favorites.. so Shhh! Don’t tell the other Shrubs! There’s just something about this combo that is just so damn good. The fusion of the vanilla undertones of the Bosc pears and the slightly minty fragrance of the thyme that just makes the taste buds shout more!


organic bosc pears, organic raw apple cider vinegar, turbinado sugar, thyme

Cranberry Apple

This is our “Holiday Season Shrub”. As much as we don’t like to conform to tradition we do like stealing a few things from it. Cranberries are defined by that sour, tart bite, and we have complimented them with a little sweetness from apples. Disclaimer: turkey not included.


cranberries, turbinado sugar, organic raw apple cider vinegar, apples

Quince Rose Water

Reminiscent of turkish delight, we infused the mysterious quince fruit with rosewater and rose petals for a… well, very rose-y looking Shrub!  This Shrub is our one exception to our usual, as it is not raw.  If you’ve ever tried to devour a quince raw, you will understand! Believe us, its better this way.


organic quinces, turbinado sugar, water, rose tea (water, dried rose petals) white wine vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, rose water (distilled water, rose flavour)