Currently we are creating Shrubs. Not the kind that are green and have leaves, but the tasty kind that you drink! You most likely haven’t heard of them, but in the days before soda, Shrubs were quite popular. They were a way to preserve fruit, using sugar and vinegar, and also quench your thirst.

 Drinking vinegar might seem like an odd thing to us modern folk, but it has been added to beverages since Roman times.  But seriously, don’t knock it till you try it!  These drinks are seriously good, and your taste buds will thank you for being adventurous!

If you’ve tried Shrubs before you might notice that ours are a little different!  Thats because unlike a lot of Shrub companies, we dont cook or pasturize our Shrubs.  This gives a distinctive “fresh fruit” flavor that we feel is far nicer.   This does mean that they need to be refrigerated but we feel it’s worth it!

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Are you a restaurant/cafe owner?  Are you a retail location?  If you would like to carry our product please feel free to contact us!