Heavenly Libations – Made from the Fruits of the Earth

At Heavenly Libations we are currently creating Shrubs.  No, not the kind that are green and have leaves, but the tasty kind you can drink!  Maybe you haven’t heard of them, but in the days before soda Shrubs were quite popular.  Using sugar and vinegar, they were a way to quench your thirst while preserving the seasonal bounty of harvested fruit.  To us modern folk, drinking vinegar might seem like an odd thing to do, but it has been added to beverages since ancient times.  These drinks are seriously good and your taste buds will thank you for the flavour adventure.

If you’ve tried Shrubs before you may notice ours are a little different than other brands.  We don’t cook or pasteurize our Shrubs, and this “raw approach” gives them a distinctive fresh fruit flavour we feel is far nicer on the palate.  This does mean our Shrubs need to be refrigerated, but you will find it is worth it.

So where can you get this stuff?

Comox Valley Farmer’s Market, Courtenay

Seeds Natural Food Market, Cumberland

Cascadia Liquor, Courtenay

Blue Spruce Ice Cream, Courtenay

The Hub Cafe, Courtenay


Are you a bar, restaurant, cafe owner? Retail supplier?

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